Shuttle Bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Sapa is famous as the leading ideal tourist destination in Vietnam. Thanks to the advantages of low-cost savings and excellent quality, bus is always the first choice of tourists when they intend to come to this foggy city. Which bus company to Sapa from Hanoi is the best today? If you are also wondering about this question, let’s learn about the 10 most popular and highly rated bus companies from Hanoi to Sapa in the article below!

Save more when booking Hanoi – Sapa bus. You can choose from many different bus companies from Hanoi to Sapa with flexible travel times and economical prices. “Catch” right away the opportunity to have a good price.

No # 1: Hai Van Bus

The first name in the list of prestigious, cheap Hanoi Sapa buses you should not miss is Hai Van bus. This is the choice of many tourists because of its convenience and fast advantages.
Unlike many other bus operators, Hai Van bus only runs the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway to reach Sapa. Therefore, the bus runs continuously and do not stop to pick up passengers along the way, thus shortening and saving quite a lot of travel time. On average, the frequency of the bus will be continuously for about 1 hour/ trip daily.

No # 2: Sao Viet Bus

Sao Viet bus is the most familiar name for those who are passionate about exploring Sapa. This is a sleeper bus company that provides many trips for the current Hanoi – Sapa route. Specifically, there are usually 17 different trips every day. If you want the most convenient time, choosing the bus from Hanoi to Sapa is the most appropriate choice.
You can be assured of the quality of the car, because all the seats on the car are covered with soft upholstery and are equipped with all amenities such as television, air conditioning, cold towels, mineral water,… Thanks to that , you can rest assured to rest comfortably on your journey.

No #3: Interbus Lines

Another name that is also appreciated on today’s travel forums is Interbus Lines. Always taking the safety and satisfaction of customers as the goal, its Hanoi Sapa sleeper buses use the most modern and high-class cars. With a system of beds covered with soft leather, the bus company ensures to give guests the best experience when traveling. Not only that, the bus is also fully equipped with basic amenities. For example, cool water, cold towels, warm blankets, air conditioners, … Besides, the staff is dedicated and friendly, ready to meet all your requirements.
Choosing Interbus Lines, you can be assured of service and quality. Because the bus is equipped with extremely high-class interior. This will ensure you a comfortable rest space like your bed.

No #4: Hanoi Sapa Shuttle Bus

Hanoi Shuttle Bus is one of the quality bus lines from Hanoi to Sapa that you should refer to. This bus company is famous for its team of experienced and professional drivers to help bring absolute safety to customers every time they move. In particular, the bus is also fully equipped with all the most modern and necessary amenities.
In addition, a big advantage of this company’s sleeper buses is that the shuttle buses are also equipped with extremely clean, modern and high-class self-contained toilets. When choosing this bus company, you can rest assured and take the initiative in choosing a travel schedule. Because the company has many buses running in the direction both day and night.
So, depending on your schedule, you can choose to book the most appropriate ticket.

No #5: Hung Thanh Bus

Hung Thanh bus company is known as a bus company specializing in running from Hanoi to Sapa according to the Open Tour model.
This Hanoi-Sapa bus line uses a 4-seater Mobi-Home sleeper bus with full facilities. Not to mention such as leather bed, drinking water, free Wi-Fi, toilet in the bus. If you are in need of finding a bus company to go to Sapa with cheap price but great quality, book this Hung Thanh bus ticket right away.
Because this is one of the number one reputable professional tour companies today. Ensure that when traveling by Hung Thanh bus, you will not be disappointed in the comfort that the buses bring to you.

No #6: Sapa Pumpkin Limousine

Pumpkin Limousine is a bus company from Hanoi to Sapa in the high-end segment. The goal is to bring the best benefits to customers, this bus company has chosen for itself the latest 19-seat Fuso Limousine to serve customers. Having great advantages such as cheap price, good service. Therefore, this is one of the most appreciated bus companies to Sapa by customers today. There is only 1 bus a day departing at 7 am from Hanoi. So, you should consider and book your bus tickets early to be convenient on the road!
When you decide to travel by this type of bus, you will be fully served with basic amenities. For example, Wi-Fi, drinking water, cakes, cold towels in the bus. In particular, when stopping at the station, you can also get 1 free meal to fill your stomach. In addition, the staff of the bus is very friendly and enthusiastic. So, if you have a problem that needs to be answered, you can ask for service as soon as possible.

No #7: Sapa Express Bus

Sapa Express bus is highly appreciated for its 29-seat limousine with 5-star quality standards. In addition, this bus company also serves a 32-bed VIP sleeper bus with all the best amenities and services. When you choose to travel by bus from Hanoi to Sapa, you can experience the utmost satisfaction and safety. Because all bed systems on the bus meet quality standards. Not only that, the bus is also fully equipped with cool air conditioning, LCD TV and mini fridge or modern self-contained toilet. All these amenity conditions will completely meet all the most basic needs for customers when participating in the journey.

No #8: Sapa Dragon Bus

Sapa Dragon Bus is always a familiar name for those who want to travel to Sapa. This is a high-quality Hanoi-Sapa bus company, using the latest model of buses and fully equipped with amenities to serve all the needs of customers.
Normally, this bus company will run the only routes in the morning departing from Hanoi. Return time is at 15:30. So if you have a need to travel by bus, arrange a reasonable time to move to the bus station on time. Or if you live in the old town area, you can contact the booking office in advance to register a shuttle bus. At 6:30 am every day, the bus will pick up transit passengers from this area of Hanoi to the bus station.

No #9: Queen Cafe Bus

Queen Cafe is a sleeper bus company. Although it has only been established for about 4 years, this bus company receives quite a lot positive reviews as well as satisfaction from tourists. With a 4-seater bed system equipped with soft leather mattresses, the bus will satisfy customers when traveling.
If you are looking for a safe, reputable and cheap bus to Sapa, please refer to this high-class sleeper bus company! With great facilities such as free Wi-Fi, modern self-contained toilets in the bus..etc. So, your experience of discovering Sapa will be much more interesting. 

No #10: Sapa Group Bus

This is a new business of transporting passengers on the Sapa route. Having a great advantage by equipping a fleet of all new modern buses with double or single sleeper cabins. These cabins are fully equipped with the latest features to serve passengers such as: Massage system fully equipped for beds, led screen to watch movies, YouTube, noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy bomb movies tons, a system of reading lights, night lights, many suitable modes as well as free drinking water and cold towels in the car.


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