Discovering the taste of Asian cuisine in Hoi An ancient town

India’s No.1 financial and business information channel Money Control shared about the experience of discovering the flavors of Asian cuisine and attractive dishes in the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An. 

Money Control commented that, unlike the vibrant big cities of Vietnam, Hoi An ancient town, which was once recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, still retains the long-standing traditions of the culture East Asia.

Once a busy trading port of Vietnam, over time, Hoi An still retains its ancient features with traditional cultural and artistic values expressed through cooking classes with traditional local dishes. traditional, where visitors can learn about the history – culture of the town, as well as of these dishes. Besides, visitors can also find shops selling or tailoring and designing traditional costumes at affordable prices. And it is not difficult for visitors to see the colorful lanterns decorated everywhere here, which is an indispensable symbol of beautiful Hoi An.
The most important thing when coming to Hoi An is to definitely enjoy the sophistication of local cuisine through frugal dishes that are extremely delicious:

1. Rolled rice paper

The shell of rice paper is usually made from rice flour that is coated very thin, the inside is vermicelli or pho, salad vegetables, spices, pork, beef, shrimp, sausage depending on your preferences. The dish will be dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce, suitable as a side dish or used in the main meal with other dishes.

2. Pancakes

Unlike traditional pancakes that are coated in large sizes, Hoi An pancakes are fried with a smaller diameter and are very crispy. In addition to the savory filling with minced meat and shrimp, diners can also choose vegetarian cakes with bean sprouts and mushrooms. The dipping sauce of banh xeo is also sweet, sour and spicy just enough from sugar, chili garlic, lemon juice… Banh xeo is a simple dish but brings a really attractive taste.

3. Banh mi ( Bread)

Banh mi is an extremely famous dish of Vietnam, contributing to creating its own brand of national cuisine in the international arena. Bread in Hoi An is no exception, but it also brings a different taste compared to other regions and regions. What makes the name of Hoi An bread is probably the perfect combination of ingredients, special sauces with its own secret, along with the eye-catching crispy hot baked crust that brings freshness. , attractive for dishes. The filling of the bread is also very diverse such as grilled/roasted meat, spring rolls, eggs, pate…

4. Vietnamese Curry

Every Asian region has its own version of curry, so does Vietnamese curries. This dish also uses coconut milk, but it is thinner and lighter to bring out the rich flavors of other ingredients. Vietnamese curry is prepared in many different ways with many types of meat but still has a characteristic sauce from the yellow color of turmeric. The dish is usually served with bread or rice.

5.Banana leave

Using banana leaves to wrap food is one of the traditional culinary cultural values that have entered the daily life of Vietnamese people. Not only that, storing food with banana leaves will help the dish have its own unique aroma and flavor from nature. In Hoi An, diners can see most of the dishes such as grilled meat, rice served in banana leaves.

6. Water dishes

Like traditional Southeast Asian cuisine, Hoi An people are also creative in using fruits, vegetables, or noodles to flavor their water dishes. From potatoes to cauliflower, mushrooms and noodles, Hoi An’s water dishes are all perfectly combined. The most typical is the Cao Lau dish with a rich broth of bones mixed with thick chewy noodles, and a variety of accompanying ingredients to create a very unique flavor for the land of Quang. The fillings are extremely rich such as shrimp, pork, char siu meat, ram, vegetables such as bean sprouts, lettuce, herbs …


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