Hanoi Food Culture – A kitchen of the world

Hanoi – A kitchen of the world

Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam, not only the political, economic and cultural center of the country, but also the convergence of talented chefs with many typical Hanoi-Vietnamese dishes. South and the world. From Hanoi street food to dishes in luxury restaurants, Hanoi is always the first choice for food lovers.

Hanoi’s street food is an integral part of Vietnamese culinary culture. Hanoi Old Quarter is home to many traditional street food stalls. Dishes such as pho, bun cha, bread, grilled fish, fried spring rolls, bun thang, banh cuon, sticky rice… are all delicately prepared and fresh. The variety and attractiveness of these dishes have attracted many tourists to Hanoi.

Besides street food, Hanoi also has luxurious and classy restaurants with fresh ingredients from the forest, sea and plains. Dishes such as honey roasted chicken, seafood  rolls, shrimp, steamed sea crab, goat meat, grilled beef, seasonal stir-fried or boiled vegetables, sprouted soup … are equally attractive to diners. Hanoi’s cooking style is very unique, using a lot of fresh ingredients, the dish has a specific flavor, respecting the originality of the dish, very little flavoring or spice. The dishes are processed in their own style, diverse and rich in all 4 seasons, there are many dishes that are processed cold to eat in summer and processed hot to eat in winter such as pho, banh cuon, banh duc, sweet soup, sticky rice etc..

In addition to the typical dishes of Hanoi – Vietnam, Hanoi also has many restaurants with culinary styles of many countries around the world to meet the needs of international tourists as well as locals who love to explore a variety of dishes. Korean restaurants have appeared a lot in Hanoi in recent years, serving Korean food lovers such as kimchi, barbecue, grilled chicken, tteokbokki, bibimbap… Visitors can also find Japanese restaurants, which serve sushi, sashimi, udon, ramen, tempura… Chinese and Italian restaurants are equally attractive, with traditional dishes from these countries such as Spaghetti, pasta, pizza, hot pot… In addition, the city also has many restaurants specializing in French, American, Russian and many other countries. These restaurants not only bring visitors to experience international dishes but also help mark the diversity and richness of Hanoi cuisine. Not only stopping at processing foreign dishes, the chefs at these restaurants also often combine ingredients, styles and cooking technologies of different countries to create unique dishes, creating new and attractive for diners.

To enjoy Hanoi’s cuisine, visitors can visit the Old Quarter, restaurants or book food tours to discover the history and culinary culture of the Capital.With the diversity of Hanoi’s culinary styles, the city is gradually becoming an attractive destination for food lovers around the world.

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