Best things to do in An Giang

1.Chau Doc town

The trading town of Chau Doc is located on the bank of the Bassac River in An Giang Province, 290 km from Ho Chi Minh City on the border with Cambodia.An GiangThe town has a few old Chinese buildings and an attractive market. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the floating restaurants on the quay along the river. In the immediate vicinity are a floating village, a Cham village and the temples of Sam Mountain

2.Chau Doc floating village

On the waterfront near the Chau-Phu Temple, you can rent a boat for a one to two hour trip to the floating village, which consists of houseboats and houses floating on empty oil barrels.An GiangWomen prepare meals on small boats and sail past houses to sell them. The residents have fenced off the space under their houses with gauze and grow mudfish, a kind of perch. The adult specimens are bought by large companies that fillet the fish and export it to Europe as tilapia. The countless TV antennas on the roofs are proof that fish farming has done the inhabitants no harm.

3.Cham Village

The boat trip to the floating village is usually combined with a visit to the village of the Cham, an Islamic minority. An GiangSome of the inhabitants speak a Malay dialect. The village has a mosque and a Koran school. The Cham are known for the high quality of their weaving art.

4.Tra Su Forest

Tra Su is the most beautiful place in An Giang, so you should definitely not miss it.All the trees have sunk deep into the water, creating a unique environment to discover this underwater forest. An GiangYou will find a high biodiversity of plants here: it has hundreds of fauna and flora that are on the verge of extinction.

The forest is also the habitat for many colonies of waterfowl, bats and even rare and endangered animals and reptile species. There are 140 kinds of flora, 70 kinds of birds, 11 kinds of animals, 25 kinds of reptiles and 23 kinds of fish.

5.Long Xuyen floating market

The Long Xuyen Floating Market isn’t as big as other floating markets in the Mekong Delta, but it’s a bustling market with hundreds of boats congregating to trade during peak hours.An Giang

To reach Long Xuyen Floating Market, you will need to rent a boat from O Moi Ferry to cruise the Hau River for about two kilometers. The best time to visit Long Xuyen floating market is around 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

6.Sam Mountain

Calling Sam Mountain a mountain isn’t quite right. It’s more of a small hill that looks big because the rest of the Mekong Delta is as flat as a pancake. An GiangThe “mountain” has two main attractions; a group of temples on the north base and the viewpoint from the top. The hill is approximately 6 km southwest of Chau Doc.

7.Ta Pa rice fields

One of the most beautiful rice fields in the Mekong Delta can be found in An Giang. To be specific, the rice fields at Ta Pa.An GiangThere are no tours to this place so you have to get here yourself. But you won’t regret exploring this beautiful landscape, with rice fields, trees and mountains in the background.

8.Oc Eo Relic

The south of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand were part of the Funan Kingdom in the first century AD until the 7th century. An GiangVery little is actually known about this kingdom. The Chinese emperor’s emissaries described Funan as a land where there were towns surrounded by a wall of wooden posts, palaces, houses on stilts and rice cultivation. Ruins, artifacts and relics from this time have been found in An Giang, which you can now view at Oc Eo Remains Site.

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