10 best things to do in Quy Nhon

The best things to do in Quy Nhon are mainly the activities you can do on and around the beach. This region has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Relax with a book on the beach, visit islands or go snorkeling.

1.Stay overnight in Bai Xep

Although the city of Quy Nhon is already not touristy, staying in Bai Xep is even more fun and authentic. Bai Xep can be found in a small fishing village 12 kilometers from the city center. It started with two hostels that settled in this village right on the beach, but nowadays there are already some more accommodations here, including a luxury resort next door.

Yet you still feel the real authentic atmosphere of the fishing village here. There is not much to do here except to enjoy the beach and take a boat trip to the nearby island where you can snorkel well.

2.Explore beaches

Besides Bai Xep, many more beaches can be found here. One of the best things to do in Quy Nhon is beach hopping, where you drive along the coast and choose beaches along the way to enjoy yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to get out of town to find beautiful beaches, because Municipal Beach, the main beach along the city’s strip, is already beautiful. The waves are often calm here, making it an ideal place for swimming. There are a number of bars right on the beach where you can enjoy the sunset with a cocktail.

3.Island hopping

There are a number of small islands off the coast of Quy Nhon. Some are so small that you can only sail and snorkel around them. Many resorts can arrange boat trips to these islands, often combined with snorkeling.

The most famous islands where you can go are Ky Co Island and Kho Island. Khy Co is a remote island with a beautiful beach and crystal clear water that is so inviting that you have to go swimming. Kho Island is a good place to see coral reefs. Hon Kho is also a turtle conservation center.

4.Sunset at Eo Gio

One of the other great things to do in Quy Nhon is wathing the beautiful sunset at the ocean. The best place to do this is at Eo Gio. You can of course also visit this place during the day.

Eo Gio, known as the Windy Pass, is a naturally rocky structure in the sea. It is a beautiful landscape of rough cliffs that fall straight into the water and is fun to explore.

5.Dune sliding

Mui Ne isn’t the only place in Vietnam where you can find sand dunes so big it feels like you’ve landed in a desert. The Phuong Mai dunes are huge and can be found next to the beach of Nhon Ly. It is not only a place to take beautiful photos, but you can also enjoy sandboarding of the dunes.

You can combine a visit to these dunes with Hải Nam fishing village. A nice local and authentic village with a nice beach and island in front of it.

6.Cham towers

In the vicinity of Quy Nhon you will also find several Cham Towers. These come from the same era and culture as the temples you find in My Son, near Hoi An. They are not difficult to spot when driving through this area as they are usually on top of a hill. It is a mighty sight to see such an old building on a hill from the distance. There is also a Cham tower on the beach in the town of Quy Nhon. The two most famous Cham towers here are Thap Banh It and Thap Doi.

7.Fishing villages

Quy Nhon feels very authentic and what you should do is explore the local life. Stop in one of the fishing villages to see how the fishermen make a living. When you drive along the coast you will come across dozens of small villages. In the sea in front of the village you can see all the blue fishing boats floating in the distance and on the beach you can see the basket boats that they use to paddle to their boat or to check the nets that are close to shore.


Quy Nhon is one of the best places to go snorkeling in Vietnam. In the first place that the coral around some places are very beautiful and the sea is also a lot calmer; especially at the parts of coast where there are islands in front or in the bays. Unfortunately, Vietnamese are very efficient fishermen, so many large fish have disappeared due to fishing.

It is not a problem if you do not have a snorkel set with you, as these can often be rented at the resorts, hostels and homestays by the sea. Also, usually snorkeling is included during the boat trips to the islands.

9.Countryside of Quy Nhon

When you’ve seen enough beaches and sea, you can visit the rugged countryside.These are places where tourists never come, not even Vietnamese, so expect a very authentic lifestyle. There are many rice fields and villages in the area. You do have to go out with a motorcycle or rent a car with a driver.

10.Eat great food

You’ll find everywhere great food in Vietnam, but in Quy Nhon you should definitely try a few things. Because of the location at the sea you will of course find delicious seafood here. If you don’t like seafood you can try a number of other dishes, such as Ban Xeo (very different from the Ban Xeo you find in the south), cuốn, one of the best fresh spring rolls in the country and bún thịt nướng, one of the best dry noodles.

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