Top 10 Things To Do In Soc Trang

Soc Trang is the cultural harmony of Kinh, Chinese and Khmer ethnic groups with indigenous Cham people, cultural diversity has created the attraction of Soc Trang. To explore the land here, we Introducing the most famous tourist attractions of Soc Trang for your reference.

1. Nga Nam Floating Market – The Must See In Top 10 Things To Do In Soc Trang
The market is the intersection of five rivers going five ways, very bustling. Visitors will learn about the way of life of the people with the bustling shopping scene on boats. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy the special fruits here.

2. Bat Pagoda
This is the most famous temple in Soc Trang and the southwestern provinces. Doi pagoda, also known as Ma Toc pagoda or Mahatup pagoda, is located on Mai Thanh The street, cluster 9, ward 3, Soc Trang city.

The pagoda was built in the 16th century, is one of the typical architectural works for Southern Khmer Buddhism in Southern Vietnam. Not only that, but the pagoda is also home to tens of thousands of strange bats and has a special cemetery for five-clawed pigs.

How Bat Pagoda is among top things to Do in Soc Trang?
For hundreds of years, the campus is over 3ha wide with many old trees that are home to thousands of large bats such as crow bats, horse bats, with children weighing over a kg, wingspan of more than 1.5m so people local people used to call it Doi pagoda.

During the day, bats are dangling from the branches of the trees. In the evening, they fly to find food tens of kilometres away until dawn to return to the temple. Therefore, visitors to Doi Pagoda are quite crowded. On weekends, the number of visitors coming to the temple sometimes causes traffic jams on the one-kilometre entrance route.

3. Khmer Museum
The museum displays many valuable artefacts, reflecting the material and spiritual-cultural life of the Khmer for generations such as costumes, house architecture, temples, musical instruments.

4. Stork Garden Tan Long
It’s one of the top things to Do in Soc Trang. Becasue this is home to thousands of storks and some birds in a large garden. The most interesting thing is early morning or late afternoon to see the flying storks, enjoy the peaceful space.

5. Chen Kieu Pagoda
Chen Kieu pagoda, also known as Sa Lon Pagoda, is one of the ancient temples with unique architecture, located in Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district, Soc Trang province; about 12 km from Soc Trang city centre in the direction of Bac Lieu.

What makes this temple special compared to other temples in Soc Trang is the colourful ceramic dishes, plates, patterns placed on the decorative wall to create an attractive and lively picture. With rich architecture, combining the three ethnic groups of Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer.

The temple includes many unique features of different ethnic groups, which is a tourist destination of Soc Trang that cannot be ignored.

6. Truc Lam Soc Trang Monastery
Located near Highway 1, at cluster 5, ward 2, Soc Trang city, Truc Lam Soc Trang Zen Monastery was built on an area of nearly 6 hectares. Truc Lam Soc Trang Monastery is not only a living symbol with spiritual significance but also a massive artistic architectural work, creating a space of worship for Buddhists in the heart of the city. Soc Trang.

At the same time forming an important point in the system of spiritual tourist attractions in Soc Trang.

7. Mo O Beach
Located 30km from Soc Trang city, Mo O beach belongs to Tran De district, Soc Trang. This is one of the beaches that still retains the wild beauty, so it attracts many tourists and is the pristine gem of Soc Trang.

Visitors to Mo O beach will experience the activities of fishing, mud sliding, fishing … these activities will make your trip more interesting because nowhere in Soc Trang can bring you. feeling fun, free to experience like here.

Besides, visitors to Mo O sea also have the opportunity to explore the mangrove primeval forest, home to countless rare species of animals and the typical ecosystem of Soc Trang.

8. Buddhist Temple
This is the temple with the largest campus in Soc Trang province today, up to 8.5 hectares. It’s located on Pham Hung Street, Ward 5, Soc Trang City. The large, airy temple campus with a green campus with a large lake in the middle creates a peaceful scene for this place.

In the middle of the lake, there is also a prominent 7m high statue of the Buddha. The quiet space, the sound of the temple bells and the music of Buddhist scriptures here give visitors a sense of tranquillity.

9. Kh’leang Pagoda
Located at 71 Mau Than street, cluster 5, ward 6, Soc Trang city. This is the oldest temple in Soc Trang, with a lifespan of nearly 500 years when it was built around 1553.

The pagoda was built on an area of more than 3,800m2, in the campus of the temple planted a lot of palm trees – a typical tree of the Khmer people, so the temple’s space is very cool. When you step inside the temple’s main hall, you will see 16 columns made of stone, golden steel, above with pictures depicting the life of Buddha.

The temple also preserves several other unique works expressing the intersection of the two cultures of Vietnam – China.

10. Con My Phuoc
Western River tourism or Mekong delta tour can not ignore this place. Con My Phuoc is one of the most famous ecotourism destinations in Soc Trang. Located in Nhon My commune, Ke Sach district, in the middle of Hau river. My Phuoc islet is also known as Cong Dien islet or Mud islet with a peaceful and fresh river landscape. Since ancient times, My Phuoc islet is also famous for many orchards such as longan, mango, durian, sapodilla …

With this advantage of the topography and typical natural conditions, the local people have invested in making Con My Phuoc become an attractive tourist attraction. Your tour Vietnam come here, in addition to enjoying the specialities of the country, do not forget to walk around to catch the cool breeze blowing in from the river, enjoy the green space and explore the daily life of the garden people.

Soc Trang with countless beautiful tourist spots has been waiting for visitors from all over to explore and experience. Hopefully, with the sharing of Origin Travel through the above article, visitors’ journey to finding Soc Trang will be more special. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

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