Top 10 Things To Do In Lai Chau

Coming to Lai Chau is to come to the majestic mountains of the country, where there are more than 20 ethnic groups, so there are many cultural differences here. Travelling to Lai Chau, you will have the opportunity to explore the famous peaks and passes of Vietnam.

There, you find yourself with a vast array of nature, majestic with mountain peaks and floating with white clouds. Check these Top 10 Things To Do in Lai Chau that you will find the useful tips before arriving Lai Chau Vietnam.

  1. Quy Ho Pass Is The Top Things To Do In Lai Chau

The pass is nearly 50km long, of which 2/3 of the way is located in Tam Duong district – Lai Chau, the remaining 1/3 is located in the Sa Pa – Lao Cai side. Pass the gate of Hoang Lien National Park about a few kilometres to reach the top of O Quy Ho Pass. This is also the boundary point between the two northern mountainous provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, winding around the Hoang Lien mountain range, where the Phanxipan peak – the roof of the windswept Indochina house at the top of 3,414m.

O Quy Ho Pass has long been famous not only for its important traffic location but also for its most majestic beauty in the Northwest.

  1. Sin Ho Plateau

About 60km from the centre of Lai Chau city, Sin Ho plateau is at an altitude of over 1500m. Considered as the second Sa Pa of the Northwestern region, the weather in this day is characterized by four seasons of the year, the annual average temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. With a cool climate all year round, Sin Ho plateau is very suitable for medicinal plants such as: tam, cat apple, artichoke, tobacco bath tree … and many varieties of temperate vegetables and fruits such as plum, peach, pear …

Sin Ho plateau is located in the middle of rocky mountains, immense primeval forests, in the middle of a sea of ​​clouds, here with winding terraced fields, and villages lying on the slopes …

Visiting Sin Ho plateau, visitors will have the opportunity to see the majestic nature of the mountains, discover unique customs in the daily life of local people. Especially enjoy the dishes with strong flavours of the mountains and forests such as buffalo meat wrapped in guise leaves, steamed goats, Ban Pig, spring fish, triumphal rice, sticky rice … That why it’s among Top 10 Things To Do in Lai Chau

  1. Tan Uyen Tea Hill – Top 10 Things To Do In Lai Chau

Our next choice for Top 10 Things To Do in Lai Chau is Tan Uyen tea hill. Stretched along Highway 32, tea is 40-50 years old with a scale of nearly 2000 hectares, not far from the centre of Tan Uyen town. Tan Uyen tea hill is now a favourite destination for many people.

Here you will enjoy the fresh scenery and nature. This is also the place where many people choose to take wedding photos or take a romantic photo shoot in a green tea field, amidst the glittering golden sun.

Tea is also one of the main economic crops of the town with famous tea products nationwide such as shan tea, oolong, Thanh Tam…

  1. Bach Moc Luong Tu Peak

It is located in Sin Sua Ho commune. With an altitude of 3,045m above sea level, Bach Moc Luong Tu is one of the 5 highest mountains in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in Lai Chau province. Conquering Bach Moc Luong Tu is always a challenge but also full of attractions for the adventurers. Not the highest peak, but Bach Moc Luong Tu is known for being the top of the mountain with the most beautiful scenery, and the most interesting route to explore.

  1. Pu Si Lung Peak

Being the wildest, a mysterious and charming mountain in Vietnam. The legendary Pu Si Lung peak located on the border of Vietnam and China in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province with an altitude of 3083m is destined to Famous as the frontier roof is always a dream destination for adventurers who love to explore.

  1. Muong Te Nature Reserve

Located in the two communes of Ta Tong and Mu Ca, where the flora and vegetation are extremely rich and diverse, especially the forest ecosystem. Results of surveys and surveys of Muong Te district show that there are 542 plant species, of which 57 species of rare plants have been recorded in the Vietnam Red Book and 7 species in the World Red Book. Most of them are species, rare medicine. 22 species are narrow endemic to the Northwest, 7 species are in Decree No. 32 of the Government and 6 species are specific to the Northwest: Black melon, water cockle, and cormorant, brown parashorea, nail, chrysanthemum, flower slice.

  1. Pu Ta Leng Peak

It’s undiscovered trekking trip in Vietnam also choice for Top 10 Things To Do in Lai Chau. Located about 20 km northeast of Lai Chau city, Pu Ta Leng has an altitude of 3049 m. If Fansipan is considered as “the roof of Indochina”, Pu Ta Leng is the second roof that the challengers or young people who are passionate about challenges want to conquer even once. Every year, from October to March next year is the most beautiful time that tourists should choose to conquer Pu Ta Leng Peak because of the beauty of nature and forest flowers, especially azaleas, blooming from all over the ridge to the top.

Conquering Pu Ta Leng peak, visitors will have to pass primitive forests, waterfalls, streams or rich vegetation … and then when reaching the top, you will see hidden oases among the ocean of clouds. 3.049m altitude.

The layer of white clouds between the blue sky and the green of the mountains and forests here is like a wonderful picture. Along with Pu Ta Leng, Lai Chau also owns 5 other peaks in the Top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam.

  1. Muong Than Field

Muong Than is one of the four largest fields in the Northwest region of Muong Than commune, Than Uyen district. The immense field not only creates a poetic beauty in the middle of the majestic mountains but also is the place for many famous local products such as baby corn, sweet potato Hoang Long, San Cu rice, Tam rice …

  1. Pu Sam Cap

About 6km from Lai Chau city, on the side of provincial road 129 connecting Lai Chau city with Sin Ho district, Pu Sam Cap cave complex is considered as “Northwest first cave”. Currently, Pu Sam Cap has two caves that are welcoming tourists:

Thien Mon cave and Thien Duong cave with many magical and mysterious stalactites that contain many touching stories of mountainous people. Pu Sam Cap is always an attractive invitation to all visitors.

  1. Si Thau Chai Village

Located 6km from Tam Duong town centre. Si Thau Chai village appeared poetically, a small village of Dao people with over 60 households living, on cloudy days, visitors can mingle with the floating clouds. The Si Thau Chai village appeared so passionate and unforgettable. Come to Si Thau Chai to experience daily life, production, enjoy ethnic cuisine, participate in folk games

There are also golden seasons in Thu Lu, important border landmarks marking the watershed of the Da River in Keng Mo, Ka Lang, Lai Chau hydropower plant, majestic streams and waterfalls flowing day and night. …

All create an interesting and attractive Lai Chau, in the pristine of Northwestern mountains and forests that no one has fully explored.

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