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Interest facts about Thailand

The official language of Thailand is Thai, but in most of the tourist places we visit, as well as in hotels and restaurants, we will find staff with whom we can understand each other in English. The Thai currency is the bath.

Most of the Thai population is Buddhist, but we will also meet Christians and Muslims, although they are a minority. In general, Thai people are calm and have good character. We will find a lot of smiles and good disposition throughout our trip, since they take great care of tourists, aware that they are an important source of income for the country.

When you go to Thailand try to say hello as they do in the country, with a slight nod. Try not to show affection in public, as it is not very well seen. Do not forget to take off your shoes before entering the temples and maintain correct behavior at all times. If you go in shorts or a tank top, it is best to cover yourself, out of respect. Also, we must bear in mind that the Royal Family is very important for Thais, so it is usual that all public places have one or several photos of any of its members.


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