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The best way to enjoy the night in Hoi An

Hoi An – where the unintentional flow of time cannot bury the ancient atmosphere and the calm space. Coming to this beautiful town, visitors will never get bored due to a wide range of activities that can be participated to get in-depth knowledge about the culture and the local’s life from dawn till dusk. To fully experience the taste of Hoi An, there are the top 5 things to do at night that no one should not miss…

  1. Wandering around the ancient town

When the mantle of darkness was let down, a thousand of colorful lanterns strung above from wall to wall are lighted up that bring the sense of peace and serenity for the town. Legend has it that hanging lantern out the eaves and both sides of the door in the Chinese style can bring good fortune and coziness for this place. Taking a gentle stroll around the street is not only a way to savor the atmosphere of the Hoi An ancient town but an opportunity to observe the multi-colored lanterns of many size made by experienced artisans, including large, unique lanterns made of rare woods with sophisticated designs and embellished with valuable works of art on each size. Moreover, your trip will not be bothered by the buzz of vehicles, just the shimmer of silk lanterns and tea-light candles.

Hoi An
                                                                                                           Hoi An
  1. Take photos of the holy Japanese Covered Bridge.

Considered as the iconic symbol of Hoi An, the Japanese Covered Bridge is situated in the center of the Old Quarter. This is the only ancient bridge in Hoi An built by Japanese merchants to facilitate the business of the Chinese and the Japanese. The name “Japanese Bridge” is originated from a legend that the sea monster Mamazu has a head lying in Japan, tail in the Indian Ocean and the body in Vietnam and every move of this monster can cause earthquakes, natural disasters or floods. So the Japanese have built a bridge with the statue of the Monkey and the Dog God to repress the monster. However, it is also known as “Bridge Pagoda” because there is a temple in the bridge.

Japanese Bridge, Hoi An
In the evening, the bridge gets illuminated by colorful lights that get reflected on the water, making it an even more splendid spectacle.
  1. Evaluate your skills in the cooking class

Instead of having meals at a restaurant, why don’t you try to cook local dishes for your dinner? There are plenty of cooking classes with different levels in Hoi An that you can join. You will have chances to learn about Vietnamese cuisine, go to the market to prepare ingredients with the cookers for some of the signature cuisines of Central Vietnam and then enjoy the dishes cooked by yourself. 

Some recommendations for you:

Thuan Tinh Island – Cooking Tour

Gioan Cooking Class

Green Bamboo Cooking School and Café

Hai café

  1. Make a wish with a colorful paper

In the evening, it is easy to find street vendors selling paper lanterns by the river in Hoi An. Lightning a small lantern, sending it down the river and then making a wish are also a popular custom of the locals who believe that can bring them luck and happiness. By the end of the evening, the river becomes sparkling with hundreds of brightly colored lanterns floating into the distance, which is the perfect time to get the best Instagram shots.

  1. Relax on An Bang beach

Last but not least, lying down on the soft sand and savoring the romantic sunset or contemplating the picture drawn by a thousand of stars in the night sky at An Bang beach should be in your must-dodo list to enjoy your holiday in Hoi An. In the cool and fresh atmosphere, all your senses can easily absorb the smell and the sound of the beach without any light or noise, your mind seems to harmonize with the ocean and all your depression will be swept away…


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