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Adventure games in Thailand

Thailand is always mentioned on the list of the top tourist attractions in Southeast Asia for international travelers, due to its famous spots, unique culture and rich cuisine… However, with the aim of bringing the best and unforgettable experience for tourists as discovering the land of smile, Thai people create some interesting adventure games for visitors to join. Let’s find out what they are with us!

 Bungee jumping game

Bungee jumping is a highly – recommended game but not suitable for those who have a problem with their hearts. However, with game lovers, it should be on their must-do list.

This game is often taken place in the middle of the jungle of Chiang Mai. The elevator slowly takes you to a height of 50m with a view looking towards the vast space and a large lake below it. You will face the fear and then be unable to control the instinctive screams as falling freely from the high position before being pulled back by the big rope. When you join this game, your security will be guaranteed and controlled. Besides that, you can jump with a professional coach to make sure about your safety.

 Cross Mae Taeng River in a rubber boat

The next step that you can try to challenge yourself is “White water rafing” or “cross Mae Taeng in a rubber boat”. The peaceful Mae Taeng River sometimes becomes aggressive by sudden bends along with undulating rocks. Each group has over 6 members equipped carefully with hats, life jackets, and an experienced person to show you the way to control the boat.

The boat at first floats smoothly on the river, but when it comes to the blends, visitors will constantly hear the instruction from the guide: “left, right, stop, continue”. The bubbles splash, the view seems to be invisible because of the wetness. However, after overcoming all these challenges, you can be proud of yourself as dominating powerful nature. 

Flight in the jungle

One of the top games that can satisfy your adventurous soul is to become a forester. With a 2km road, you will have to spend 3 hours to climb the jungle and use the cable car to move inside the primitive forest. The biggest challenge that you will have to encounter in this game is the altitude. However, participants are required to carry out safety procedures with safety locks, helmets, belts, and protective equipment. Thailand tour guides will teach you meticulously.

You will not only swing from tree to tree but also slide from above with high speed to make you feel like you are falling. Your mission in this game is simply enjoying the freshness, the breathtaking beauty, feeling excited and listening to the wind whistling in their ears.

With these games, we believe your adventure will be better than ever. So what are you waiting for? Come to Thailand with Asia Eyes Travel to experience these miracles yourself.


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