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About Us

ASIA EYES TRAVEL is the agency you were looking for, friendly atmosphere and friendly service. Specialists in custom made trips to practically every corner of Southeast Asia. We do not skimp on the quality of our services, we offer you the best of the market at reasonable and very competitive prices, we have visited all the places you wish to know to offer the best of the experiences traveling with ASIA EYES TRAVEL
Our History

Asia Eyes Travel

Asia Eyes Travel provides services of custom trips and daily activities in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and India since 2009. Asia Eyes Travel has the mission to offer the best service at the best price guaranteed, thanks to our professional team, our impeccable service, and the highest quality in each of our tours. Do not hesitate to trust us to organize your desired trip with very competitive prices in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and India


Our business culture

Our company culture gives great importance to family values ​​such as respect and ethics. We focus on our team and on each person who works with us to achieve the success of our company, because we know that Asia Eyes Travel is the product of their efforts and commitments. We always try to support the development and professional fulfillment of each individual, without forgetting to favor team spirit.


Mission, vision and passion

Our mission
Provide travel at reasonable cost helping you fulfill your dream with an adequate budget.

Our vision
Offering our clients an unforgettable and beautiful trip, is our passion and the reason why we do this work.

Our passion
Develop and design new tours, fun, attractive and appropriate to each person, place and time.


We comply with the demands and desires of our customers when preparing a customized trip so you do not miss anything.


We will keep in touch with you throughout the trip, so that everything flows in the most professional way and without running into trouble


We explore with you practically every corner of Southeast Asia, making custom trips we can fulfill all your dreams.


Our greatest effort is based on maintaining a high quality in all our services, we understand that it is the way to meet your expectations


By not working with intermediaries, we offer the most reasonable and competitive market prices


Based in Hanoi, we can give you all the secrets of the city and the whole country, apart from any other place in Southeast Asia

Our Team

We are specialists in travel to Southeast Asia

Thuc Nguyen

Managing Director

Hello, my name is Thuc, I am responsible for all this, for years my business vocation has made me involved in several projects that I am very proud of today. In this case, Asia Eyes Travel is the “girl of my eyes” that makes me enjoy every day to develop new ideas with my commercial team, and maintain direct contact with thousands of people from different countries, something that enriches me as a person and It allows me to have an open and conciliatory mind in any situation.

David Velez

Sales manager

Hello, my name is David, I am one of many Galicians who live outside their land, settled in Hanoi for a while, I am responsible for all your wishes come true on your trip with Asia Eyes Travel.

Ngan Le

HR Manager

Hello, my name is Ngan and I am the Human Resources manager of ASIA EYES TRAVEL, I have been working in this company since its creation, with which I feel part of me. I am a demanding person who love to give the best of me for the good development of the work teams of our company. I am very positive and always look for the good side of things, that makes me feel happy every day.

Thuy Le

Sales Manager

Hello, my name is Thuy, responsible for sales of the company, I am a very enthusiastic person, happy with what I do and fully loyal to our company, which I have been since its inception and I love to see people enjoy the trips that I propose. I love children, that’s why I have a special predilection for family trips and my effort is maximum to meet all your needs.

Helen Vu

Touristic operator

Hello, I am Hien, you can call me Helen – Tour Operator of Asia Eyes Travel. I love traveling and reading whenever I have time. I am in charge in reserving all services in your tour, and I make sure that everything will be perfect as your satisfaction is my goal. Let’s come with us and enjoy your trip!

Thuy Nguyen

Touristic operator

Hello, my name is Thuy, but everyone knows me by Alice, as well as you, who visit our website, I love to travel and discover new places, with the intention of completing my plan that is to travel around the world traveling. Visit Hanoi with Asia Eyes Travel and the first beer I invite…


Sales executive

Hi, I’m Hien, Sales executive at Asia Eyes Travel. My happiness in life is very simple, I would like to help all travelers to perfectly discover the best destinations in the world.
I like a quote of St. Augustine: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. The experience you gain is worth more than anything you do.

Ha My

Sales executive

Hello, my name is My Bui, Sales Executive of Asia Eyes Travel. I am an outgoing person with so much energy and enthusiasm. I have been working in Asia Eyes Travel for more than 2 years and I love being the tour advisor for clientes. And it would be my pleasure to be able to introduce the beauty of Asian Countries to you.

Tho Bui

Sales executive

Hi all. I’m Tho, sales executive of Asia Eyes Travel. I am a happy person and I am always fascinated with two things from my job: traveling and teaching other people the most interesting places. In fact, he has worked as a tour guide for some time, he has had many magnificent opportunities and experiences in the field of tourism. And now, as a sales executive, I want to present them in my country, and the rest of Southeast Asia in all aspects, not only the image, but the soul, the smell, the taste … If you want to know Southeast Asia, contact me, I would love to be your companion in each moment of this extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.

About our customers

We do our best to understand your needs and expectations. This allows us to advise in the best possible way and offer impeccable services that exceed the wishes of our customers. Our team, serious and responsible, allows you to organize the trip of your dreams easily and comfortably.

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