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    Trang An

    Saving tourist sites from tourism

    Many experts are worried that too much tourism can lower the quality of heritage locations – and even lead to its destruction. They’re trying to work out how heritage can be commercially exploited without losing its aesthetic appeal to Vietnamese and others who treasure it. Nguyen Thu Hanh, director of the Scientific Union for Sustainable... View More

    Hoang Su Phi

    Admiring hoang su phi terraced fields in rainy season

    Tourists may have been once suggested to visit Hoang Su Phi in the harvest season in autumn to admire the endless glistening yellowish color of terraced rice fields. However, in June when the rainy season has come, excursionists are advised to prepare their packs and rush to Ha Giang Province to see another beautiful view... View More


    Hanoi’s famed metropole a treasure trove of history

    The Hotel Metropole Hanoi holds invaluable historical significance in the development of the capital city. Hanoi, which was a stunning jewel in the French Colonial Indochina crown, has gone through enormous changes in the last decade since Vietnam swung open its doors to tourism.As a prominent fixture in the heart of Hanoi since 1901, the... View More

    Hanoi Tours 3

    Hanoi: the world’s cheapest city in 2014

    TripAdvisor, the largest travel website with more than 50 million viewers per month, has announced the travel costs of cities all over the world. Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam ranks the first in the list of cheap travel cities. Indonesia’s Jakarta and Egypt’s Sharm Sheikhet follows Hanoi. This is not the first... View More

    Hanoi By Night

    Hanoi by night

    Who has ever come to Hanoi should go for a night walk to learn more about the streets and the people here. Because the city has shimmering, just a quiet, peaceful atmostphere at night. Hanoi comes alive at night. The day’s oppressive air cools and draws out the people. The city lights up in glorious... View More

    Nghi Tam Flower Village

    Flower village nghi tam

    The village has been considered as one of the largest flower village selling fresh flowers in Hanoi. Nghi Tam is famous nationwide for its traditional occupations of flower and bonsai growing and ornamental fish farming. Bonsai have been grown in Nghi Tam since 1228 when a villager bought saplings from a Chinese trader to plant... View More


    New tourist boats to replace banned vietnam hydrofoils

    A hydrofoil travels between Ho Chi Minh City and the southern beach town of Vung Tau.  A fleet of new high-speed tourist boats will replace Vung Tau’s notorious hydrofoil service, which was banned early this year following a fire at sea.Tran Song Hai, director of Greenlines DP, told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper Friday that the... View More

    Hue festival

    Multi-ethnic culture highlighted at 2014 hue festival

    Friday, May 23, 2014 – 15:15:56 Visitors to the 2014 Hue Festival enjoyed a colourful festival with exciting music and a mix of cultures. The Hue festival this year featured 68 art troupes from around the world. The 9 days of the festival are the most exciting days of the year in Hue. Art performances... View More